Enabling 380 Youths to Attend Higher Education by Sakhi Trust

Enabling 380 Youths to Attend Higher Education by Sakhi Trust


Since 2003, this project gives rural youths from marginalized (mainly Dalit and Devadasi) families in Hosapete taluka, a mining affected area in Bellary district, Karnataka, South India, the opportunity to attend higher education. The support consists in incurring the college fees as well as in offering counseling, follow-up meetings, computer and English tuitions. This year, the project will support 380 youths. For 100 of these, the fee amount could not be arranged yet.


The Hyderabad-Karnataka region, in which Hospet lies, is one of the most backward regions in South India. Marginalized and uneducated families in the area cannot support their children financially in order to send them to college or provide homework assistance. This, in return, leads to a never ending cycle that doesn’t allow any empowerment out of the deprived communities the youths are born in.


The project incurs the pre-Universitary-college (11th and 12th grade) and college fees for 380 youths who otherwise would remain out of college. To track their progress, regular follow-ups are being held with trained youth mentors. The students can reach out to their youth mentors at any time when college related or personal problems occur. They are invited to attend computer and English classes as well as all kinds of extracurricular workshops that Sakhi Trust facilitates.

Long-Term Impact

The fee support project grants higher education for girls and boys who want to pursue an academic career but whose situation doesn’t allow them to. A degree helps them to become self-reliant and independent citizens that have the ability to support their families. As role models in their own communities, they flagship that higher education is for everyone, no matter the gender, cast or class and motivate more youths to enroll at college.



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  1. Our small contribution can create larger opportunities for those how are unable to get right ones

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