Durgarani’s mother was a Devadasi, and her elder brother and sisters all toiled as child laborers, enduring the hardships of child marriages. Her educational journey began in the midst of these challenges, inspired by a burning desire to elevate her dreams, a motivation she found through Sakhi’s invaluable support. With Sakhi’s assistance, Durgarani was able to give wings to her aspirations at Bandhavi School.
Sakhi not only provided her with educational financial support but also offered her a part-time job upon entering college. Durgarani managed to maintain a delicate balance between her family responsibilities and her pursuit of her dreams, a feat made possible by the knowledge and guidance she gained through Sakhi’s workshops. These workshops were instrumental in fostering her confidence and leadership abilities.
As a committee member, Durgarani actively participated in drafting the Rehabilitation of Devadasi Mothers and Children, allowing her to advocate for her community and shed light on their struggles and needs. Today, she is in Bangalore, where she is pursuing her CA course. Her educational journey, spanning from primary education to CA, stands as a testament to the enduring cooperation and support provided by Sakhi, enabling her to serve as a shining role model for her community.

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