We were able to obtain significant changes and achievements among the communities we are working with and are proud to claim that, in the families whom we supported, no child labor, no child marriage and no Devadasi will be found.

Here you’ll find the impact that we had on our working area so far:

Impact on Youths

  • 1856 youths who were on the brink of terminating their education after 12th grade, were provided with educational assistance, as well as continuous social and psychological support in order to enable them to pursue their higher education
  • 1250 children and adolescents who had dropped out of school and were working as laborers could receive education later on
  • 45 youths from our supporting team have completed their post-graduation in various disciplines
  • 4 students have completed their PhD; 6 girls are now enrolled for PhD

Socio-Economic Impact

  • 1080 youths got skilled in various paraprofessional and vocational courses, such as cosmetics, fashion designing, computer science, tailoring etc.
  • 36 youths have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts, drama or music and work now as primary school teachers
  • 50 youths completed courses on organic farming
  • 6 youths are working in different media as journalists
  • 4 girls are now employed as lectures

Impact on Women

  • 325 women in crisis have taken shelter in our short-stay home. They received counseling sessions, legal help, assistance in rehabilitation etc.
  • Sakhi is facilitating on government schemes in 6 Grama panchyatis with    3335 women’s  are beneficiaries  .

Sakhi promoted:

  • The youth cooperative Jenugudu
  • The Yuvadhwani Youth Federation
  • The cultural group ‘Rangasakhi’
  • ‘Kanaja’ young organic farmers group
  • Friends of Hampi sathi Eco-tourism team