Background:  Covid-19 pandemic is raised the issue in whole world, it raised the issue of health, migration, minimum wages, labour issues, immunity and malnourished district highlights. From this pandemic due to lockdown period vulnerable communities are affected in this region. When started the lockdown due to hungry death open their accounts in Hospet. This is the situation, first start from hungry deaths now it comes to covid-19 deaths are more in Bellary. Single women, Devadasi , Dalith and other backward communities faced the problems of daily needs, from the bellary district so many people migrated, at this time they returned their homes, lockdown period they did not have any work. Communities lost their daily wages. In Bellary district now second highest death rate in Karnataka. In this covid-19 lockdown period and after the lockdown Sakhi worked with communities, details are below.

  1. Awareness on Covid-19: Covid-19 is the new health crisis to the communities, they don’t know about pandemic decease. So from sakhi working area gives awareness to communities for the use of mask, sanitizer and physical distance maintain. Through the whats up group also gives the awareness to the youths, due this uncertainty and family crisis youths are depressed, for them counselling done.  Distributed the Mask and sanitizers in community and Police department.
  2. Emergency Support: Due to lockdown which family was most crises for them through the field staff and youth leaders identified and distributed the ration and vegetables to 90 families. Emergency support given to local formers also, formers also faced the problem to supply their crops, sakhi purchased their crops like vegetable and other food grains directly and paid the amount for them. These vegetables and food grains supplied to the communities who are in the crisis.
  3. Health Need support: In this lockdown time vulnerable communities faced the health problems, in hospitals also they denied the treatment because covid-19 work, women are faced the problem related uterus operation, but due to this covid crisis district hospital also denied to do the operation, but these women are suffered lot, so in this situation Sakhi gives financial support for the treatment in private hospital. For some cases complaint to District Health officer to deny the cases, for them they give the treatment.
  4. Distributed the Ration: Sakhi Identified the families who are suffering from basic needs scarcity, total 1500 families identified from 18 villages 4 slums. Sakhi focused mainly on Single women, Devadasi families, Dalit and Backward families, migrant families, old age people. In these families we distributed Ration with hygiene materials for 500 special kits for Devadasi families and 1000 normal kits distributed for other single women, Dalit backward families. This support reached for total 6500 (1600 Youth, 1700 children) people. This support gives the confident to leads the family at least one month.