SAKHI Trust is a Non-profitable organization registered under the Indian Trust Act was established in 2002 as a programme of Samvada, Bangalore and was formally registered as a public charitable trust in the year 2007. Their primary mission being ‘Our Youth for Our Village Development’ SAKHI works to: provides a platform for girls and youth from vulnerable communities in both rural and urban areas of Hosapete taluka of Bellary district to overcome caste, sexual and gender discrimination and abuse. The Trust also works in providing educational, vocational, health, social and economic support to adolescent girls in order to rescue them from discrimination and abuse as well as in making the community work with free of child labor, child marriages, devadasi system, sexual abuse and violence.

The vision of SAKHI is to bring out the potential in each youth to face the challenges independently in the society. To achieve this vision SAKHI has been providing centre and community-based services to youths. These services include social mobilization, social awareness, skill building, and educational support.

SAKHI has been providing counseling services to the community through youths especially girls. These youths/animators are trained in basic counseling methods through informal training by mental health professionals. They, in turn, take up the responsibility of identification, counseling, and referral of the mentally ill. One of the major roles played by these youths is in prevention and rehabilitation of people with substance addiction through a community approach.

It also provides crisis intervention for girls with sexual abuse. It coordinates with family, community and concerned agencies in facilitating the recovery of the victim.

SAKHI has been promoting the mental health wellbeing of youths through art, culture and environment. The youths promote environments issue in the community through Eco-clubs. It networks with several governmental and nongovernmental to promote the rights of youth. It provides a space for youths to air their voices and to bring about a positive change in society through these voices.


“To organize and empower the deprived communities, facilitate them to take the ownership and responsibility for their own developmental change.”


“A society where deprived communities live with cooperation, self-reliance, sustainability and dignity.”

Sakhi’s vision is to bring out the whole potential in every human being, so that everyone may rise to the position of facing the challenges of our community. Therefore, we build up a center and community-based services for young people, including social mobilization, social awareness, skill building, and educational support.

Moreover, Sakhi provides crisis intervention for girls and boys who are facing sexual abuse or addiction and it helps them with their destructive experiences thereafter communicating with the victim’s family and his community to facilitate the victim’s recovery. Moreover, the trust mobilizes the adolescents to promote environmental issues like organic farming and sustainable lifestyles.

Ultimately, Sakhi Trust provides a space for all those human beings in our society who suffer from being oppressed, it encourages them to air their voices and bring about a positive and lasting change in our society.


Sakhi Trust has been registered as a “Sakhi Public Charitable Trust” on a long-term basis in order to facilitate its work as an organization in the Hyderabad-Karnataka region. Sakhi, accompanied by a team from various social and religious backgrounds, took the challenge of addressing and improving the problems and difficulties of women, adolescents, and children with multiple strategies in this area. This process concerns youth empowerment initially supported by Samvada (a 25 years old organization that works with young people to create a just, humane and sustainable world) through a fellowship of Dr. Bhagyalakshmi, who took the challenge of working towards the strengthening of young people. The empowerment of youth from marginalized and vulnerable communities by facilitating education opportunities and leadership is one of Sakhis major operating ranges.