Sakhi Trust

Sakhi Trust is a non-profitable and non-governmental organization, based in Hospet, Karnataka, and was formally registered as a public trust in 2007 under the Indian Trust Act. Sakhi provides a platform for people from vulnerable and marginalized communities to improve their impaired living conditions in both rural and urban areas. The trust aims to overcome caste-, gender-, and sexual discrimination and it also offers support to women, youth and children concerning educational, vocational, health and social issues. Furthermore, Sakhi clarifies a strong position regarding to child labor, child marriages, the Dalit- and the Devadasi system: that those oppressive treatments are in arrears and that our society has to surmount such degrading shortcomings.
Sakhi’s vision is to bring out the whole potential in every human being, so that everyone may rise to the position of facing the challenges of our community independently. Therefore, we built up centre and community based services for young people, including social mobilization, social awareness, skill building and educational support. Moreover, Sakhi provides crisis intervention for girls and boys who are facing sexual abuse or addictions and it helps them to cope with their destructive experiences afterwards by communicating with the victim’s family and its community to facilitate the victim’s recovery. Moreover, the trust mobilizes the adolescents to promote environmental issues like organic farming and sustainable lifestyles, for instance by founding Eco-clubs.
Ultimately, Sakhi Trust provides a space for all those human beings in our society who suffer from being oppressed, it encourages them to air their voices and to bring about a positive and sustainable change in our society.

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