Story of Deepika: Escape from Early Marriage
Deepika is from small village called Jaisinghpur of Sandur block. Currently she is studying B.Com, III year. Deepika’s mother takes care of 4 children, including her by running a petty shop in her village. It is the only source of income for the family, as Deepika’s father left her mother to marry another women. Deepika and her younger sister, Divya, got connected by Sakhi when they were studying in government-run Kasturbaa Residential School. Both sisters were selected to receive Education assistance support and assured to be provided support until their graduation. Deepika also participated in Sakhi’s Youth Exchange Programme.

Despite the extended support, Deepika’s family tried to get her married against her will. This forced her to come out of her family and was wanting to continue her higher education. When we came to know about the situation, Sakhi Trust supported her with short stay home. Over the period of time, she found a hostel and now successfully pursuing her education.

Story of Neelamma: Home Away from Home
Neelamma is a 20 year old youth who is studying in B.A., I Year. She has no family, except her brother who had long since migrated to Bengaluru in search of livelihood. Neelamma studied, lived and grew up, almost her entire life, in Kasturbaa Residential School. It was during this time that she got connected to Sakhi Trust and its programmes.

Given her plight, Sakhi extended education assistance to Neelamma complete her degree. When she was studying in Class 10, her family decided to get her married. However, given her interest to continue her education, Sakhi held a counselling session with her family and convinced them to drop the marriage plan. She is now able to continue her Bachelor’s degree.

When her government hostel seat got delayed for 3 months, she stayed at Sakhi’s short stay home and continued her studies. Sakhi’s facility made her pursue her dream for higher education. She also took part of Sakhi Youth Exchange programme and attended many training and improved her leadership skills.

Case study of Reshma: From Dropout to Entrepreneur
Reshma is a 19 year old young girl, a resident of Aravind Nagar, Hospet. She lives with her father, an auto-driver, along with her 3 elder brothers and 3 younger sisters. One of the elder brothers dropped out of school and is working now; another has been diagnosed with alcohol addiction.

Even though she had high interest to study, Reshma dropped out of college given the fact that her father was not able to manage all the financials of the family. Unskilled and ignorant, Reshma was forced to take up a job to sustain herself and her family. It was during that time, she heard of the 3 months skill development course organized by Sakhi for youths.

She had a passion for beauty and makeup tips, so she joined the ‘Beautician course’ organized by Sakhi Trust. After completion of the 3 months course, she now runs a beauty parlour at her home as an entrepreneur.

Impact Stories of Devadasi Women
Nothing is more powerful than seeing how our programs work through the eyes of those we serve. These are their stories. They are stories of transformation.

Prepared by our volunteers from Germany, this document contains collation of case studies about how Sakhi’s deep interventions helped women from Devadasi communities to live a decent and dignified lives.

Download the document here: Sakhi: Impact Stories of Devadasi women.

The MGNREGA – A success story
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) is an Indian labor law and social security measure that was passed in 2006 in order to guarantee the ‘right to work’. It aims to improve the living conditions in rural areas and to ensure a more stable financial situation by providing at least 100 days of wage employment in a year to every household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work. For many underprivileged families the participation in this program can be a great measure to build up the base for a permanently improved financial status in the future.

Today there are around 400 women in Papinakanahalli working as part of the MGNREGA program. Thanks to Sakhi’s interventions, they are now earning a salary of 246 rupees per day.

Read more about the it here: Sakhi – MGNREGA-A Success Story