Sakhi Sanjeevini Health and Wellness Desk

Health For All

Welcome to Sakhi Trust’s Health Desk, where we are committed to improving the well-being of communities in mining-affected areas, encompassing families, children, youth, women, small farmers, and Devadasis. Our comprehensive health program operates across 12 villages, 4 Gram Panchayats, and urban slums in Vijayanagara Hospet Taluk. Our mission is rooted in addressing critical health challenges that these communities face, guided by a deep understanding of their unique circumstances.

Program Purpose:
● Overcoming a lack of health awareness.

●  Addressing health neglect due to work pressure.

●  Building trust in health workers.

●  Encouraging reliance on healthcare rather than superstitions.

●  Combating private healthcare mafias.

●  Mitigating the fear of treatment expenses.

●  Encouraging openness about TB and HIV.

●  Promoting nutrition and awareness.

●  Fostering proper hygiene practices.

●  Addressing employment and wage issues.

●  Improving living conditions, including water, air, and light.

●  Combating gender and caste discrimination within families.

●  Preventing repeated sexual harassment and violence.

Program Activities:

●  House-to-house visits to assess community needs and provide counseling.

●  Screening for physical and mental health issues.

●  Guiding individuals to appropriate medical facilities.

●  Offering counselling, testing, medication, and covering treatment costs.

●  Promoting the use of nutritious food and diet for overall health.

●  Raising awareness about health maintenance.

●  Organizing specialist doctor-led camps, training, and workshops.

●  Empowering the community with health knowledge and rights.


●  Trained 15 health workers to act as community-level health resources.

●  Created a team to bridge the gap between doctors and the community.

●  Fought against health sector mafias and extortion.

●  Identified and addressed health issues in mining-affected areas.

●  Advocated for health problems, bringing them to the attention of local administration.

At Sakhi Trust’s Health Desk, we are dedicated to improving the physical and mental health of marginalized communities. Our work is driven by a commitment to empowering individuals with knowledge and resources, ultimately helping them lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. Join us in this endeavour to build healthier, more resilient communities.

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