Sustainable Agriculture Desk

Sakhi Trust has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable livelihoods, particularly through its dedicated Sustainable Agricultural Desk. This desk serves as a hub for a range of services aimed at uplifting communities and fostering self-sufficiency. One of the pivotal initiatives is land restoration, ensuring that agricultural lands remain fertile and productive. Additionally, the Trust facilitates land lease agreements, enabling individuals to cultivate and generate income.

An integral part of the Sustainable Agricultural Desk is the emphasis on animal husbandry programs. Through this initiative, Sakhi Trust provides valuable support for farmers, offering resources and training to enhance livestock management practices. Rainwater harvesting plays a crucial role in addressing water scarcity issues, contributing to agricultural sustainability.

During challenging times such as the lockdown, the Trust operates an Agri Clinic, where farmers can access essential resources like seeds and manual fertilizers. Furthermore, the Sakhi Trust conducts training sessions on fertiliser production, empowering farmers with the knowledge and skills to enhance agricultural productivity. Legal clinics are also offered to ensure that farmers are well informed about their rights and legal aspects of agriculture.

Sakhi Trust actively promotes community engagement through women’s meetings and farmers’ consultations. These platforms provide spaces for knowledge exchange, collective decision-making, and addressing challenges faced by the farming community. The provision of shade nets for kitchen gardens is a thoughtful initiative, aiding in crop protection and improved yields.

The Sakhi Trust goes beyond conventional approaches by introducing innovative projects such as the distribution of animals like buffalo, sheep, and chickens for animal husbandry. With 110 kitchen gardens established across six villages, the impact is tangible, promoting local food production and enhancing food security.

In line with their commitment to sustainable agriculture, Sakhi Trust is also driving awareness about the significance of millet. Through millet food production and value-addition initiatives, the Sakhi Trust encourages communities to diversify their crops, promoting nutritional diversity and resilience in agriculture. In essence, Sakhi Trust’s Sustainable Agricultural Desk is a comprehensive platform that not only addresses immediate agricultural needs but also works towards building a more resilient and sustainable future for the communities it serves.

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