About us

We Work in More Than 15 villages to Strengthen Sustainable community development in grassroots level

Welcome to Sakhi Trust, where “Sakhi” means friend and companion. We are a registered NGO located in Hosapet Taluk, Bellary district, and we are dedicated to being a guiding light for the education and sustainable development of youth and women from deprived and Devadasi families.

Our journey began in 2002 in collaboration with SAMVADA, another NGO that shares our goals. In 2007, Sakhi became an independent agency, and since then, we’ve been working tirelessly with the support of philanthropists and dedicated individuals.
Sakhi’s commitment to social progress stems from the pressing issues of our region, including illiteracy, financial hardship among SC/STs, Devadasis, laborers, backward communities, minorities, migrant laborers, bonded labor, child marriage, and the Devadasi system. We also address the lack of basic infrastructure, anemia, malnutrition, repeated instances of sexual harassment, a sense of inferiority, the need for guidance, migration in search of work, a lack of self-awareness and societal awareness, urban living challenges, language barriers, anxieties, frequent illnesses, school dropouts, and issues related to caste, gender, and class discrimination. These challenges have been the driving force behind the initiation of the Sakhi program.

Our mission is to empower the youth and women of marginalized communities by addressing these issues through various programs. Sakhi primarily operates in the Hyderabad-Karnataka districts, including Bellary, Koppal, Yadagiri, Raichur, Gulbarga, and Bidar. We engage with youth and women in selected villages, slums, colleges, and hostels, with a particular focus on the mining-affected areas of Hosapete Taluk in Bellary district.

At Sakhi Trust, we are committed to being a steadfast friend and companion on the path toward education, empowerment, and sustainable development for those in need. Join us in our journey towards positive change.

Self sustainability is our main goal!

"Sakhi Trust operates at the grassroots level, actively engaging with the community to provide meaningful service. We collaborate with the youth, working together for community development."