Welcome to Sakhi Trust’s Women’s Desk, a dedicated platform where we work hand in hand with women to provide them with critical support and empower them through various programs and initiatives. Our approach focuses on addressing a wide range of challenges faced by women in marginalized communities, with a deep commitment to fostering self-reliance, awareness, and leadership.

Our Comprehensive Approach:

●  Crisis Support: We stand with women during their most challenging times, offering vital assistance and a reliable support system.

●  Advocacy for Government Facilities: We actively advocate for government facilities to ensure women have access to the support and resources they need.

●  Livelihood Assistance: We provide tangible assistance to help women secure their livelihoods, enabling them to take control of their financial well-being.

●  Awareness Workshops: Our workshops are designed to empower women with knowledge, instill self-reliance, and promote a deep understanding of gender equality. This equips them to take a stand against harmful practices, such as child marriage, the Devadasi system, and violence against girls.

●  Women’s Leadership: We nurture leadership among women, encouraging them to take on active roles within their families and communities.

Impact and Empowerment

●  Through our workshops, several women have gained awareness, learning to appreciate their bodies, embrace the values of gender equality, and be aware of child marriage, the Devadasi system, and violence against girls within their families.

●  At the village level, we’ve reached several women across various villages, providing them with essential knowledge on topics such as children’s higher education, child marriage, the Devadasi system, and health awareness. This has resulted in these women actively sending their children to Sakhi for support and guidance.

●  As part of our livelihood assistance program, we’ve offered buffalo and sheep to Devadasi women. Notably, these women have seamlessly integrated their new livelihoods with their daily wage work and agricultural activities, finding comfort, mental well-being, and motivation through their bond with these animals.

At Sakhi Trust’s Women’s Desk, we are unwavering in our commitment to empower, educate, and uplift women. Join us in our journey to create a more equitable, just, and empowering future for women and their communities. Together, we work towards a brighter tomorrow, where women are confident, self-reliant, and leaders of positive change.

The Need for Your Support:

While we’ve made significant strides, there’s still much to be done. The journey to break the cycle of exploitation and ensure a brighter future through education is ongoing. To continue our impactful programs and expand our reach, we need your support.


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