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Welcome to the Youth Desk of Sakhi Trust, where the power of unity and empowerment ignites change in the hearts and minds of young individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our youth groups are a dynamic mix of Dalit, backwards, and minority community members, with a strong presence of young women who play a pivotal role in our initiatives.

Our youth have embarked on a transformative journey, advocating for higher education for girls through dialogues with their families. They’ve harnessed the power of awareness by organizing impactful events, including documentaries and book discussions on pressing social issues. Through these efforts, they’ve been able to create a ripple effect of understanding and change within their families and communities.

In their quest to engage in the democratic process, our youth groups have conducted group elections, selecting leaders who embody principles of gender equality and fairness. These leaders have been at the forefront of various campaigns, including letter-writing initiatives aimed at addressing the challenges faced by the youth in their villages.

An excellent example of their collective impact comes from the Gagana youth group of PBS Camp, who penned a letter to superior officers, highlighting the lack of a bus stop and inadequate bus transport facilities for college-going students in their village. Their efforts led to a practical solution for this pressing issue, demonstrating the power of youth-led advocacy and community involvement.

At the Youth Desk of Sakhi Trust, we believe in the potential of our youth to drive positive change, advocate for equality, and create a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Join us in celebrating the dedication and determination of these young leaders as they work towards a more inclusive and equitable society.

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Sakhi Trust’s Youth Desk: Empowering Change Through Proactive Initiatives

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